LGBTQ+ Individual and Couples Therapy

Sexuality is one aspect of human development categorized by varying theories and opinions, some current and some outdated. These approaches can cause more confusion than they provide clarity and leave us aimlessly spinning or waging a debate within our family or communities.

Facing your own coming out as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Asexual, Queer or other sexual identity can leave you searching for answers and guidance. These questions may also arise at the coming out of a friend or loved one. You may want to understand how to make decisions that are both authentic and protect the health and longevity of your relationships. Coming out can be filled with many questions, concerns, and fears. We often feel forced into making choices – some with temporary impact, and some that are irreversible.

Whether you’re trying to establish an authentic identity, needing to make some necessary changes, or trying to help a loved one create their healthiest and happiest life, we are here to help.Sometimes in coming to terms with your true identity you may struggle with anxiety and or depression, I can help you attend to mind and body to reset your brain’s natural ability to feel calm, clear, and confident. I can also guide you in gaining skills to unhook from depression’s grip on your thoughts and actions and find joy and confidence in life.



Parents of LGBTQ+ individuals

I also work with parents of LGBTQ+ individuals and for many parents and loved ones, learning of a hidden gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender identity can be rather confusing. It can even feel like a betrayal. Hearing a loved admit that they are gay or trans can onset a deep sense of grief. It’s a process for which you will need a lot of support.

Coming to an authentic understanding and expression of sexual orientation or gender identity mandates that we consider many aspects: 1) emotional cravings, 2) self-understandings, 3) social setting, and for some 4) religious considerations. It requires serious attention and patient wisdom.

Many parents want to be part of this decision-making process, while others are either eager to celebrate or derogate their children’s news.



Transgender and Non Binary Counseling


I have experience working with many M to F and M to F clients at various points in their transitioning. I work with endocrinologists that I can refer you to and they can prescribe you hormone replacement therapy.I also have the ability to help you with a legal name change, changing your birth certificate, and DMV records.In my work I focus my practice on serving youth as young as 10-adulthood. 

If you or your child are preparing for a social transition, or in need of guidance and or support as you navigate starting a medical transition, I am here to help. 

 I am  committed to helping provide resources for Trans individuals and their loved ones, and to provide guidance and understanding about the process and experience. Whether you are in the beginning stages of questioning your gender, trying to decide if you want to undertake any type of transition, or already in the process of medical or social transition, our experienced gender therapists can help offer guidance and insight through your process and help find answers that feel most authentic to you.

When questions about your own gender or gender expression arise, it can impact the foundation of your identity and cause doubt about how you fit into a binary world. If a child, friend, or loved one has shared their Trans experience with you, it may leave you feeling like you have unanswered questions with little idea where to turn for answers.  If your child has recently come out to you as Trans, these and many more questions may abound:

  1. Explore questions of gender and gender expression with confidence rather than fear or confusion

  2. Discuss types of transition and experience unconditional support regardless of what road you choose

  3. Consider all options available to you in living out your authentic self

  4. Live confidently in your world


LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling

We often feel hopeless in our relationships, especially after trying so hard to achieve relational repair. After feeling like we’ve spun our tires in the mud for months on end, we wonder if we’ll ever remember what it’s like to be passionate in our love life. I've worked with  gay couples  that need a simple tune up and as well as lesbian couples counseling for individuals who have got caught up in the data. By the data we mean who said what, who did what, and who was at fault. Many couples get stuck keeping tally while the resentment accumulates like a snowball rolling down a massive hill. Whether you have been married for 2 or 25 years, many times couples need a reboot to reconnect, recenter, and put more into their relationship. At times we need to work on our communication resolve conflict and deepen trust, or prevent or heal from infidelity, recreate a spark and improve sex life. 









Parenting as an LGBTQ+ individual or Couple

Parenting as an LGBTQ+ individual can also pose its own unique set of challenges. You may face prejudice and discrimination, maybe you are working towards second parent adoption, or maybe you are navigating the education system to develop a relationship with your child’s teacher and ask about educating the other children about your family structure. Whatever challenge you are facing, I am here to help, to support, and give you the tools to advocate for yourself and your family.