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Crystal Drennon

Crystal Drennon

Position: MSW
Categories: Psychotherapy
Location: Westlake

I believe that the mindset is the stepping stone toward change in life. I desire helping clients feel supported and accepted throughout their placement in life where they can learn about their strengths and work toward embracing them through those difficult times. I enjoy focusing on and incorporating mind, body and spirit that can help in areas such as confidence building, resolving conflict and increasing communication skills. Through each season of life things can get confusing or bring on big emotions. Have you ever felt like something was off? You might feel like there are things in life that just aren’t sitting right. Are you worried that these feelings might not go away?

During my experience as a doula and caregiver, I developed a deeper view into how pregnancy, labor, birth, & support can affect not only mothers but the father, or parents (depending on how you identify) and children too. My priority is to create a safe nonjudgmental space where clients can work toward bettering themselves when dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD, perinatal/postnatal depression, as well as life and relationship issues. More than anything, I want my clients to be and feel seen as well as feel supported as they unpack life and find their inner voice.

I earned an undergraduate degree in Health Science and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Cleveland State University. I enjoy using a person-centered and strengths-based approach where I meet my clients where they are first. In addition to this, I am a firm believer that our bodies hold trauma and we cannot just sit still where in sessions with me clients find that I like to incorporate movement, art, and music.