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Candice Sanborn


Candice earned her Masters in Social Work with a focus in work with families and children in 2009 and a Bachelors’s degree in Social work in 2008 at Cleveland State University. She is an experienced clinical social worker. She is licensed as an Independent Social Worker with Supervisory status (LISW-S). She’s passionate about bringing considerate and quality care to her patients. Candice has worked 3 years in outpatient therapy 3 years in residential therapy, 3 years in school-based therapy, 3 years in case management and systems of care, with a focus in geriatric case management and therapy as well as family preservation–she has over 12 years’ experience working with families, adults, and patients.

During the therapy process she assists clients in discovery of their strengths, building support system, and developing healthy lifestyle to set the foundation for life success. She also incorporates client’s spiritual beliefs into the treatment protocol in order to holistically address their needs.

In addition she works with adults suffering from mood disorders, compulsive disorders, or anxiety disorders using a combination of dialectical behavioral therapy and the therapy process utilizing skills from treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

Fun Fact: Candice’s favorite poem is “The Road Not Taken” By Robert Frost