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Therapy can be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about ourselves, to compassionately examine the patterns in our lives that leave us feeling stuck or frustrated, and to ultimately strengthen our relationships.

This process of self-exploration often leads to people feeling more confident and connected to themselves and more capable of managing the obstacles in their lives.


Latest Update: July 11, 2020 we will continue to remain providing Exclusive Tele-Mental Health Services 

Due to the present state of emergency in the United States and the advisory by our State Governor Mike DeWine informed us on Saturday that he has filed emergency rules for complete mental health telehealth coverage.Here at Holding Space, your safety and health is our upmost concern and we believe in setting the example that social distancing will help slow and flatten this curve. At this time we will be implementing tele-mental health services exclusively until it is safe to resume in-person sessions. This covers counseling and psychiatry appointments. Insurance panels are covering this transition and you will only be responsible for your normal out of pocket copay/deductible/co-insurance. 

To schedule: Call 440.381.8240 or email us at holdingspacecle@gmail.com