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Théo Rosa

Théo Rosa

Position: LPC
Categories: Psychotherapy
Location: Westlake

How often do you compromise who you are because you accept the truths of others as your own? How long have you been biting your tongue and prioritizing everyone else before yourself? When was the last time you felt grounded and authentic in your own skin? Are the boundaries you have in place respected? Do the people you share interpersonal relationships with reciprocate the same effort and energy that you give? Do you feel heard? Do you feel understood? Where does your faith reside? In yourself? In society? In something bigger than yourself? Is the quality of your life what you deserve or what you have settled for?

My priority as a therapist is to help create and maintain a space where clients can explore their ambivalence and come to their own truths. A space free of judgment, disappointment, and misunderstanding. A space where unconditional empathy, compassion, collaboration, and positive regard help lay the foundation of a prosperous therapeutic relationship.
I lead with unconditional love & grace. I advocate for the misunderstood and empower the unheard. I remain curious and open-minded about the world and people around me . I am intrigued by your story and I desire to be a part of your narrative and ultimately your journey to self-awareness and healing. What are you willing to do to secure a more authentic life?

I am a lover of music and art. I spend my free time drawing, writing lyrics / poetry, and sim racing on my PlayStation. I love sports and the outdoors, especially basketball and Formula 1. Those are just a few of the things that bring me peace, joy, and assist me in managing my own physical and mental health. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know where your passions reside.
I leave you with my favorite lyric from Chance The Rapper that I feel expressed my promise to clients facing their demons:

“When they come for You, I will shield Your name
I will field their questions, I will feel Your pain
No one can judge…they don’t, they don’t know.”