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Karen Strejnowski

Karen Strejnowski

Position: MSW, LISW Certified | Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Categories: Psychotherapy
Location: Brecksville

We’ve all been there to varying extents – dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, life changes, relationship challenges, or seemingly insurmountable obstacles – and feeling overwhelmed and resigned to our circumstances. I’m here to help you navigate your situation and cope with anything and everything life may throw at you. I am able to view your situation objectively and offer you a unique perspective that allows you to use your strengths to improve your current condition. I can help you untangle the events of your past (and present) to address unhealed wounds and to make sense of the bigger picture while supporting you in making small, consistent changes in your thoughts and actions.

While facts may remain unchanged, by learning to view them and experience them in a more constructive and beneficial manner, you will shift your perspective and alter your behavior in ways that will be more conducive to a happier, more successful life. As your therapist, I feel my role is to use my expertise in treating your condition(s) while providing compassionate care and taking a down-to-earth approach. I often hear that I make people comfortable because I am relatable and easy to talk to; I pride myself on being pretty direct and straight-forward, as well as having a good sense of humor and a positive attitude. I believe therapy can – and should – be an enjoyable experience (even when it is dealing with difficult topics.)

It would be my pleasure to work with you, and I look forward to the opportunity to help you overcome your challenges, achieve your goals, and live a life that’s better than you ever imagined!